Woman on the Rise Spotlight! Darshanelle Coleman, Founder of Grace 4 You Hotline & Outreach Center

Darshanelle Coleman is the epitome of black girl magic.  At only 25 years of age, Darshanelle is making impressive and impactful strides in communities across the U.S. by way of her non-profit organization Grace 4 You Hotline & Outreach Center.

Grace 4 You Hotline & Outreach Center is a non-profit organization whose mission focuses on uplifting communities by offering programs that help build self-esteem, confidence, and enable young women to gain knowledge and leadership skills.  Grace 4 You is built on core values: faith, prayer, love, positivity, unity and growth.  The outreach ministry program helps young girls thrive, overcoming obstacles such as rape, abuse, homelessness, lack of guidance/structure, etc., helping them blossom into “graceful butterflies they were destined to be.

Fashion Life & Tea got a chance to chat with  Darshanelle Colman, check it out below:

What inspired you to start Grace 4 You Hotline & Outreach Center?

I grew up without my mom in my life due to her drug and alcohol addiction.  My dad got custody of me and raised me along with my great grandmother, aunts and cousins. Through all the pain and hurt I went through growing up I knew something great had to come out of it.  In November of 2014, God showed me a vision in a dream; in the dream I was handing out flyers to young girls and telling them about the youth programs I had that could help them. When I woke up I knew then what my calling in life was, that’s when Grace 4 You was birthed.

The organizations name “Grace 4 You” is named after my great grandmother whose  middle name is Ola Grace.  The acronym for G.R.A.C.E. is “God.Reaching.Awesome.Children.Everyday!”

What do you feel are some of the biggest misconceptions people have about entrepreneurship and/or working within the community in the non-profit industry?

Some of the biggest misconceptions I’ve encountered are that if you are a young woman you can’t run a business as good as a man.  I’ve also heard you must be college educated to properly run a nonprofit or to start a business.  While I am not against higher education, I am also a living testament that you can still be successful without a college degree.

I’ve encountered many naysayers who’ve tried to discourage me from my passion by placing limitations on what they feel I can/can’t achieve.  But my faith and determination keep me motivated.  I know the calling God has over my life and I am determined to fulfill my purpose. I know that the only barrier to fulfilling my passion and reaching my goals is me, and I have no plans to stop.

What are your top 3 tips you’d offer those aspiring to become an entrepreneur?

The 3 top tips I would give aspiring entrepreneurs is to put GOD FIRST in everything you do.  Secondly, be consistent even when you don’t feel like what you’re doing is going to pay off.   We don’t always see the fruit of our labor right away, but I promise if you stay consistent everything will come to pass.  The last thing is a two-parter but goes together, and that is to be patient and humble.  Patience is not about us just waiting but how we act while waiting.  Patience is a virtue and if we can wait properly, we will have a different out-look on life.  Also, being humble and courageous is important.  Not being arrogant like you are better than anyone but actually being so secure in yourself and what you are doing that you are able to help others and not withhold information just because you think someone will get ahead of you. We must break that cycle in the black community and stand in unity because we are brothers & sisters who are more powerful together than apart.

What can we expect from you/your organization in 2019.. any new initiatives ?

This year I will be doing more community outreach.  I plan to work within schools, do speaking engagements, and giving more support to the homeless.  My organization is working on a G4Y summer youth program. We hope to start working with small groups of young girls during the summer.

Also, I look forward to teaming up with more woman who are successful and those who are striving towards success so that we can help each other succeed.  I also want to do more radio panels & interviews.  I was apart of a panel in Knoxville, TN last December called The Kingdom Panel: “King & Queen You’ve Been Reinstated!” presented by Uganda The Goddess of Jammin’ 997.FM.   The panel was so positive, uplifting and fun and I got the opportunity to meet some Amazing women and men. I really loved it! I look forward to future panels and other events with Uganda The Goddess.

Is there anyone you would like to work with in 2019?

I would love to work with anyone who is spreading positivity and giving back to communities.   I believe in collaborating as there is strength in numbers. It is our job to be a light and help others. I’m very open to any direction GOD takes me & my business and I look forward to working with like-minded individuals who too are on a mission to spread love, unity and support.

Support Grace 4 You and keep up will information on upcoming events, initiatives and programs. Follow on Social Media Facebook: @grace4you | Ig: @Grace4you_hotline_outreachcntr

Interested in working with the organization or have questions, email: g4yyoc@gmail.com or call (706) 299-6643.


  1. What a great inspiration you are to others keep going and growing in JESUS NAME that you touch hearts of others in manany ways love you and I can’t wait till we connect your Auntie Cornelia

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