Akinyele Adams Making Waves in the Music Industry with Record Label “Put It In Your Mouth Records”

Queens, New York bred rapper Akinyele Adams Akinyele” most known for his underground radio hit “Put It in Your Mouth”  has merged with Waleed Coyote and Empire, launching his own label “Put It In Your Mouth Records.”

Akinyele has a keen eye for raw talent and has helped many artist develop and prefect their craft.   Put It In Your Mouth Records has added to its roster talented Southern Rapper Supa Bossanova.

Supa Bossanova @Supabossanova


The label is gearing up for the Millennium Tour 2020 which kicks off February 29th in Louisville, KY.  Keep up with Akinyele and the label on social media @TheRealAkinyele

Stay tuned for other exciting news from Put It In Your Mouth Records.


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