Coming Soon.. The Best Relationship Movie Ever!!

Calling All Movie Lovers!! If you love a good relationship movie then get ready for the release of #TheBestRelationshipMovieEver. That’s right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I said it’s the best relationship movie ever.  Director David Llyod from Anne Arundel County, MD, known for his impressive resume of projects to include ghostwriting for bestsellers and network productions will feature his first independent film titled “Walk in My Shoes’. We’ve all heard the saying at one point “take a walk in my shoes”, heck, many of us have said this to someone in a relationship. The title peaks the interest as you are left wondering whose walking in whose shoes and better yet, what’s going to happen when they do.

The films starring couple played by actors Joshua Lee and Jae Seymour take us on a journey while they highlight a pressing issue many married and single couples have been faced with.. good ole’ infidelity. The two decide counseling would be the best resolve to help save their crumbling marriage but get much more than they bargain for when their relationship counselor, played by actor Craig Rhodes, offers a not so traditional form of therapy for the couple.  This comedic drama will bring laughter, smiles and insight into the real concept of relationships and what many face.  Releasing this Fall of 2017, Walk in My Shoes, will open dialogue everywhere for relationships of all kinds and we will get to see what happens when the other party take a walk in someone else’s shoes

Check out the official movie trailer below:

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