The Rebirth of Mothers Favorite Child kicks off with the Highly Anticipated Release of “Beautiful Demon.”

The wait is over!  Producer, Lyricist and Composer Paris Toon just re-release the highly anticipated project “Beautiful Demon” featuring vocals by the talented late great Moriss Alan.

The Paris Toon recording project titled “Beautiful Demon,” is a portion of a life narrated by Mothers Favorite Child.  Music lovers are in for a true treat, experiencing a raw sound with live instruments: horns, pianos, drums…  This project captures the sounds of R&B, Soul, Funk and Jazz and explores the roller coast ride many attest to experiencing in the game of love..

The music of the Beautiful Demon project revolves around the mother of all emotions, Love.  As many individuals have experienced, love can fuel so many other emotions and sensations and it can also take many shapes, sometimes making it vulnerable to misinterpretation. Lust, mistrust, admiration, honesty, intensity . . . these are all stops along the way on this journey through a human soul. – Paris Toon

The release of “Beautiful Demon” is a Celebration of Life, paying tribute to a Mothers Favorite Child’s mentor the late great Prince, Morris Alan and  musicians who were apart of this project that passed unexpectedly due to cancer.

“The voice you hear behind Beautiful Demon is the talented Morris Alan.  Morris passed unexpectedly on September 4, 2015.  The songs on Beautiful Demon were just sitting on hard drives in the vault as I was not emotionally ready to release them with the proper respect he felt they deserved.  You can’t say Mothers Favorite Child without acknowledging the letters of Morris’ name help to spell it” –Paris Toon.

Take a listen to snippets of songs off the Beautiful Demon album below. The songs are AMAZING. Our favorite is “Gift”. We will be bumping this album in heavy rotation. 

Download “Beautiful Demon” on Soundcloud:

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Stay tuned for the upcoming release of new project slated for 2019.

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