Kenneth Everett, CEO of Math Revolution, stops by Locked In with Tiea Whitaker. Interview Inside!

Kenneth Everett, CEO of Math Revolution, has a candid conversation with Tiea Whitaker about family, faith, and the importance of building a solid math foundation for our youth.

Kenneth Everett’s company, Math Revolution, introduces algebraic concepts to children as young as three-years-old, helping them build a solid foundation in math. Through his teachings, he helps instill confidence around a subject that many struggle with, breaking barriers of math anxiety and helping adolescents feel empowered.

Math Revolution’s slogan “We write it on your brain before you write it on your paper,” has proven to be successful with rave reviews given by children and the families they’ve helped educate.

Take a listen to the interview below.

Visit the Math Revolution online at and sign up for a trial Algebra Course.

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