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The world of Animation is exciting and steadily evolving. Growing up most of us can recall tuning into our favorite cartoons, perhaps spending hours in front of the TV in amazement. For me, watching Saturday morning cartoons was like a ritual that continued into my teenage years. Some of my favorite shows were Sailor Moon, Batman, Captain Planet to name a few…safe to say I had a love for action.

FLT chatted  with Animated Film Director Kimberly Jesicka to get the dish on her newly launched network KIDPIRE TV and all the amazing bells and whistles the network has:

Kimberly, many know you from your time as a Celebrity Publicist, Red Carpet Correspondent, Author and all around Media Darling, what inspired you to enter the lane of Animation?

Growing up I always had a love for animation. I would create story books and characters. It was a way of positive expression for me, and a source/outlet for peace growing up. It literally saved my life, animation is what got me through tough times as a kid and throughout my adolescent years. It has always been my first love, my passion, but this dream is a costly one so my other career ventures afforded the platform and funds to allow me to pursue a career in Animation.

We are familiar with Networks such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc..  and the content they have, what if anything, differentiates KidPire Network?

KidPire Network will feature high quality original multi-cultural content. Disney and Nickelodeon are awesome networks, however 80% of their characters are focused on one demographic. KidPire TV Network will focus on and cater to minorities and Hispanic market.  A channel specifically for us. We will also include main stream content for all, but the majority of content will show the brown or other cultured characters in lead roles and girl and guy next door hero roles. In a nutshell, it will be an all inclusive network with a constant of multicultural characters. 

You seem to have a passion for enriching the lives of our youth, especially young girls.  I read that along with the Animated “KidPire” you are developing, you also make time to spearhead charity efforts in support of enriching the lives of young girls. Can you tell me a bit about your efforts and what inspired them.

I created GirlPire & Co. non-profit organization with a mission to help girls become girl bosses across the globe. Helping them rule the world through entrepreneurship by way of teaching them how to create career opportunities utilizing the skills they possess while doing what they love. Whether it be a knack for styling, public relations, corporate career expertise, etc., GirlPire & Co. is providing them tools and resources to create on demand income through entrepreneurship. We offer mentorship programs and have authored books that are career focused and work to enrich self-esteem.

You’ve already made an impressive mark on the industry with the amazing career strides, what’s next.. what can we expect to see from Kimberly Jesicka in the coming months leading into 2018?

So much thought has gone into creating my KidPire, I never wanted it to be animations alone, my passion was to build with many extensions. I’m super excited to see that it is becoming a reality. We are launching our doll line which will be available in Walmart late Winter 2017. Our clothing line is also in production slated for launch late Fall 2017, and will be featured in Glamour Italy and Vouge Italy.


Where can we stay up-to-date on all things KidPire & GirlPire Co?

You can follow and view KidPire Network on:



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Kimberly Jesicka is an Animated Film Director, Author, Vogue Italia Fashion Photojournalist, Huffington Post Journalist/ Contributor, Interviewer, Red Carpet Reporter and Celebrity Publicist born in Panama City Panama currently residing in Beverly Hills, CA.

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