Kimy Fashion Dolls Welcome You to the #GirlPire Giving Us Dolls that #Slay

Doll lovers Rejoice!! Animated Film Director Kimberly Jesicka has released the perfect gift suitable for any occasion, guaranteed to bring smiles , happiness and hours of fun!  Gift your princess a beautiful Kimy Fashion Doll and watch her light up with Glee.   Little fashionista’s everywhere can be treated to special collectible edition Kimy Dolls that come fully customized with couture clothing, accessories and hair.

The Kimy Dolls, as seen in Forbes Magazine, are an extension of Kimberly Jesicka’s Animated Film and TV Series that can be seen on KidPire TV Network

The line of dolls are multi-culture.

We created our signature “Kimy Fashion Doll” for the little girls of color all over the world! The Kimy doll, is an animated TV SERIES as well as a GRAPHIC NOVEL! ~Kimberly Jesicka

The Kimy Dolls are slated to be sold at major retailers such as Walmart and Toys R Us in the coming months.  The brand also has an online shop where dolls can be purchased

Keep up with all things Kimy Dolls online: Facebook: @kimyfashiondollsgirlpire Instagram: @kimyfashiondoll

Stay tuned for the upcoming launch GirlPire Animated TV Network. Girlpire is an animated TV NETWORK for girls, made by GIRLS!

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