Meko Kelly Spills The Tea In Her New Book “Love Is Not Pain”

Domestic Violence month may be over, but those who’ve been victimized can tell you the emotional pain has a lasting impact long after the abuse ends.  Victims of domestic violence often stay silent for various reasons, some include fear of judgment, embarrassment, shame or their safety.  Growing up, many  were taught that “what goes on at home stays at home” and that “love hurts.”  Our partner showing anger, jealously and controlling behaviors meant they loved us so much.  When in reality, it was the opposite… it actually meant they didn’t love themselves so those negative behaviors were being transferred to the one closets to them.

Author, Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur Damika “Meko” Kelly knows first hand the emotional and physical strain associated with domestic abuse.  Former singer/songwriter nicknamed “Meko” is a survivor of domestic violence.  She decided it was time to break the stigma and her silence; penning her new book  “Love is Not Pain.”  The book is part tell-all, part cautionary tale.  This emotionally charged memoir goes beyond the allure of superstar status to reveal the inner workings of the hip-hop and R&B music industry.  Meko’s gives an insight to her journey, filled with physical and emotional abuse from her son’s father, a Grammy Award-winning music producer, to signing bad music contracts, to the excessive use of drugs, exotic dancing, and sex trafficking.

“As a survivor of child molestation, depression, and domestic violence, Meko guides you through her process of hope, healing, forgiveness, and moving forward.  By sharing her story she hopes to shed light on the music industry and help artists avoid the same pitfalls she encountered. She encourages entertainers to learn from her mistakes of not having legal representation, owning their masters, and copyrighting their music. Meko’s book is a powerful testimony about how she bounced back to become the boss of her life again.”              –

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If you are or will be in/near the DMV are, be sure to attend Meko’s Book Launch Meet & Greet on December 12th at George’s Chophouse in Bethesda, MD.

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