Kimberlicious Kouture Beauty Launches Cannabis Infused Cosmetic Line and Yoni Healing System in Hollywood, CA

Kimberlicious Kouture Beauty (KK Beauty) is the new must-have cannabis infused cosmetic line and yoni healing system curated and created by Kimberly Jesicka.

Kimberly is a Navy Veteran who understands the trauma and PTSD many endure that can have a lasting effect on their physical and mental well-being. She made headlines in the 90s for exposing the military for sexual assault and abuse of female sailors. This and other situations encountered over the years sparked Kimberly’s desire to help women reclaim their peace and step into the essence of who they are.

Kimberly entered the world of herbology and personal care for women, becoming a Women’s Holistic Life Coach, and certified Yin Yoga Instructor. Noticing a pattern where some women were feeling dis-empowered, disrespected, and dishonored, Kimberly wanted to spearhead change and help recreate the narrative. She developed a wellness brand focused on healing from the inside, teaching women to regain their power and put self-care first.

“I consistently heard women speak about feeling disempowered, suffering from low self-esteem, low self-worth, and feeling a loss of self-respect after experiencing trauma or suffering a bout of depression. I created KK Beauty as the ultimate healing and beauty regime designed to help women who suffered emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse. Or, who just wants to look and feel great! When we feel good on the inside, it exudes outwardly; every woman deserves to feel good from the inside out.”

Kimberly Jesicka

KK Beauty features signature scents, bath bombs, hair oils, body butter, yoni steam and healing system kit, lip gloss and lip plumper, and signature beauty boxes hand crafted by Kimberly Jescika. Kimberly’s goal is to create the ultimate luxury healing and self-care beauty experience for women. Since launching in Hollywood, California, in June 2022, KK Beauty has been creating a major buzz with products selling out the first day the brand went live online.

Made straight from what the founder calls the “black magic kitchen,” these products are handmade with love using all natural products infused with high-quality ingredients.


Kimberly Jesicka, known as the “Mother of it All,” is a multifaceted beauty maker, writer, showrunner, innovator, and public relations guru. She has over 20 years in public relations and expertise as a celebrity interviewer and red-carpet correspondent. Kimberly has brushed shoulders with A-list celebrities, was a media correspondent on red carpets for popular awards shows to include the Teen Choice Awards, and featured on national/international television shows, including TMZ. Kimberly is a published author and sought-after career mentor and publicist.

To date, Kimberly owns and runs five iHeart radio shows, owns two animated TV Networks, and is the Founder and Creative Director of KIMILINA Fashion Doll, a Pretty Little Things Curator, and Founder of Kimberlicious Kouture Beauty. She’s been featured in Forbes twice, Variety, Vanity Fair, Glamour, and many others. During her tenure in public relations, Kimberly worked with high-level brands such as the National Basketball Association (NBA) and branded clients to receive national and international media placement. Aside from her impressive career in media and public relations, Kimberly is a former Special Education Teacher and Navy Veteran.

In 2022, Kimberly became a Holistic Wellness Life Coach, certified Yin Yoga Instructor, and Herbologist. She created and launched Kimberlicious Kouture Beauty cannabis infused cosmetic line and yoni steam healing system handcrafted with all natural ingredients.

Kimberly is an advocate for women’s empowerment and continues to keep her business ethic rooted in positivity and the support of others.

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