Silk of Diamond & Silk stops by The Judge Joe Brown Show to sound off on the state of America.

Silk, of the popular duo Diamond and Silk, stopped by The Judge Joe Brown show for an in-depth politically charged conversation.

Diamond and Silk first received mass media attention during the 2016 presidential campaign of the 45th President Donald Trump. The attention also came with public backlash for their political views, and the announcement of their support for former President Trump. Despite some of the criticism received, the known dynamic duo continued to champion forward, raising awareness of the message “putting America first,” and exercising their right to freedom of speech, freedom to support the political party of choice, and freedom of opinion and belief.

Diamond & Silk

Diamond and Silk grew an audience on both sides of the fence and garnered millions of views on social media, which transitioned into national media attention.

On January 8, 2023, Silk’s beloved sister Diamond gained her wings. Silk continues to carry the torch, spreading her message loud and clear of “immediate change needed in our current administration, and pushing for more unity in our country.”

On Friday, February 24, Silk stopped by The Judge Joe Brown Show to talk about the state of America, trending media topics, and the importance of unity. The show included a live Q&A segment with listeners who called the studio line.

Check out the Silk’s Pre-Show Interview with Valerie Denise Jones on Big Media

Listen to Friday’s episode of The Judge Joe Brown Show, produced by Valerie Denise Jones, Special Guest Silk

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