Author Spotlight! Uganda TheGoddess Reed Releases New Book “Woman to Wife and a Bride in Between”

Uganda TheGoddess Reed is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host and Entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA.  Uganda is gearing up to release her newest book “Woman to Wife and a Bride in Between.”  The book is a guide for women, providing tools on how to live their best life with purpose and fulfillment.

Uganda shares personal experiences and life lessons learned on her journey to womanhood.  She includes trials faced on her path to self discovery and how they impacted her transition from being a women, bride and wife.

“There is no blueprint as we move through the phases of life on becoming a woman, bride, or wife. However, this book will provide key pointers and quotes that can help free what is so desperately trying to come alive in us. We must be willing to die to what was and birth our truth; our true Being. If we learn to hold real, true, and uncomfortable conversations with ourselves and others, we will ultimately allow room for self-liberation.” ~Uganda TheGoddess Reed

Uganda’s mission is to encourage women to take charge of their happiness and love “self” from the inside out unapologetically.

More about the Author

Uganda The Goddess is an Award-Winning Poet, Community Advocate, Life Mentor and devoted mother.

Uganda’s hobbies include horseback riding, writing, meditating-which help her embody happiness, peace, and joy with pure love and light.  Most of all, she loves spending time with her children and grand-children.

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