Dwayne Mooney Stops By The Judge Joe Brown Show To Discuss His Book “Sacred Man : A man’s guide to successful Polyamory Relationships”

Do you believe it’s possible to love and have healthy relationships with multiple partners? According to Polyamorist it’s not just possible, it’s natural.  Celebrity Consultant and Host of the Judge Joe Brown Show Valerie Denise Jones chatted with Dwayne Mooney, Comedian, Actor, Social Critic and Author of “Sacred Man: A Man’s Guide to Openly Loving, Healing and Managing Multiple Women.” In this discussion Dwayne Mooney gave listeners insight into his polyamorous lifestyle and shared why he feels monogamist relationships aren’t natural.

Listen to the show below; the conversation gets a bit heated. What are your thoughts, are monogamous relationships outdated? Are multi-partner relationships the new norm? Or is this an example of commitment phobia and sexual addiction?

The Judge Joe Brown Show Hosted By Valerie Denise Jones Talks With Dwayne Mooney

About Dwayne Mooney (Mooney Twins)

Dwayne Mooney is an American comedian, writer, social critic, television and film actor. He is the son of comedian, Paul Mooney. In addition, he is the father of famous actor and writer Adonis Gladney. Dwayne is best known for his roles in the 1979 movie – The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh – and his role in the 2016 Bravo Television Reality Docuseries – Newlyweds: The First Year – Season 3. Dwayne Mooney resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife and girlfriend. He leads a Polyamorous lifestyle and has written – SACRED MAN – his first book on the subject. –mooneytwinsnetwork.com

Sacred Man : A man’s guide to successful Polyamory Relationships – How To Openly Love, Heal and Manage Multiple Women.

Sacred Man, By Dwayne Mooney

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