Avenue Eagle’s Up Next!! Rising Hip Hop Artist and Entrepreneur from Washington, DC Making Waves in Entertainment & Business

Avenue Eagle is the epitome of the phrase “your past doesn’t dictate your future!” Rising above odds stacked against him from early adolescent years into adulthood, he broke the chains of self -sabotage and stereotypes often placed on black males growing up in the inner city, especially those labeled ex-offenders as it’s assumed they will recidivate.

During his time in prison, he took rehabilitation seriously, determined to reenter society and make a positive impact. Eagle used that time away to elevate his mind and devise a plan to make positive change not only in his life, but within his community. He came home on a mission, to WIN the right way and put the city he loves further on the map. Solidifying his place in the entertainment industry and leaving a legacy for generations to come is top on his list of “to dos,” and he is off to an impressive start! Along with being an Independent Artist, Eagle’s the general of Put It In Your Mouth Records East, a branch of Put It In Your Mouth Records founded by Hip-Hop great and businessman Akinyele Adams.

Not only is he making moves in entertainment, but he’s also an all-around entrepreneur, from his clothing and manufacturing company Wethelinknwo- Manufacturer (Hustlers Life clothing brand), affiliations/partnerships with King of Diamonds Club in Atlanta, Put It In Your Mouth Records (East- Distribution,) 2GoodMenNWA- Business Service provider, DeterminecityRipSquad- Promoters/Investors and TeamMotivationProduction.

Giving back to the community positively from organizing back to school drives, to mentoring youth, showing them a different route than the start he took is also part of his movement. Helping push their dreams into reality in entertainment, fashion, and business is the end goal.

When they ask us who’s up next, word on the street say’s it’s Avenue Eagle for sure.

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Avenue Eagle



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