Carla Harvey stops by Locked In With Tiea Whitaker for a chat on Health & Wellness, Self-Care, and Carla Says So!

Self-Love is an imperative part of self-care, and it starts with taking charge of your physical and mental health . Carla Harvey, Writer, Businesswoman, and Healthcare Advocate, knows the importance of taking care of yourself from the inside out. She did just that, combating her chronic illness through making important lifestyle changes.

Carla stopped by Locked In With Tiea Whitaker and shared what sparked her lifestyle change, and the positive impact it made on her health and well-being. She gave tips for listening to your body and making dietary changes to fit your needs, the importance of being an advocate for your health , ways to implement a self-care routine into your schedule, and a sneak peak on what’s to come with her blog Carla Says So.

Take a listen to the conversations below:

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Sometimes you may find yourself putting a dream or passion on hold, but if it continues to pop up in your head and you start to see signs and images of what could be….GO FOR IT!!! I would not be where I am today if I remained stagnant. The journey won’t be easy but it’s totally worth it!!!

-Carla Harvey

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