Raymond Dickerson is Making a Difference Through Music One Song at a Time

Music has new meaning with the help of esteemed Army Veteran Colonel Raymond Dickerson. With our country in a fragile state from the government shutdown to disturbing media headlines, Raymond is looking to add peace, love and unity through his music, while spreading awareness to the many issues affecting our nations veterans.

His music is a pleasant familiar sound with a twist, covering multiple genres giving it a unique and fresh flow. When asked about what inspires his sound, Raymond say’s “my music is written in many genres from blues, to jazz, gospel and more so that it can captivate all audiences. I make music everyone can relate to.”

Colonel Dickerson is passionate about supporting the community and charity efforts. He is committed to many causes including The Wounded Warrior Project, St. Jude’s Children Hospital, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and he offers support to many military family programs. He wrote and produced a project titled “Epiphany” filled with smooth jazz, inspirational ballads, soulful solos and driving rhythms.

A percentage of proceeds from “Epiphany” will be donated to supported charities. Keep up with Raymond Dickerson online at RaymondDickerson.com.


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