Big Exclusives via The Judge Joe Brown Show Chats with Investigative Journalist Pearl Jr. Today at 4pm EST

Author, Activist, Producer, Director and owner of Elbow Grease Productions Pearl Jr. stops by to chat with Valerie Denise Jones on Big Exclusives via The Judge Joe Brown Show.

Investigative Journalist Pearl Jr. has been investigating the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson since year 2009.  Pearl believes there is no evidence to claim that Michael Jackson is dead. She covers her theory in a miniseries titled MJ’s Death Hoax & The Media”.

On today’s show Pearl Jr. will discuss what she feels are facts to support her claim that Michael Jackson is alive.  She will also share details about her upcoming short film “Prisoner of Fame.”

Call in or listen live as Pearl gives the inside scoop on what she calls the “The Biggest Hoax” in Hollywood to date.

Studio Line: 929-477-1167

Is this all just one big conspiracy theory or are we blind to the truth? Hear Pearl Jr. break down her thoughts on why she feels we are being fooled by the mainstream media.

Pearl Jr. at Joseph Walter Jackson Memorial

Keep up with Valerie Denise Jones online at

**Special thanks to Andrea James**

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